Every newborn photographer will tell you there is only a short window of time for capturing true newborn photos. In reality, any age up to about six weeks old counts as ‘newborn’, but the older your baby is the less likely it is that he or she will sleep soundly and be flexible enough to achieve some of the cute, curled up poses that are typical of posed newborn photography.

5-10 Days Old

If sleepy, womb-like poses are important to you, the ideal time for your session is when your baby is between 5 and 10 days old. You can come to the studio as early as days 3 or 4, but waiting just a little longer gives you more time to recover from the birth and for your milk to come in if you are breastfeeding.


Under 2 Weeks

During these early days, babies tend to sleep better, are easier to pose and haven’t got used to being able to stretch out yet!

While your baby may need to feed a little more often, under two weeks old he tends to be less bothered about being naked – as long as he is kept nice and warm. With each day that passes, he becomes more alert and less flexible.

Sleeping newborn baby

Older Newborns (up to 6 weeks or so)

As the weeks go by babies spend more time awake and may need to be dressed or wrapped to keep them content. Some poses may no longer be possible as they become less bendy. We can still create beautiful photos of both you and your newborn though – ones that focus on their emerging personality and capture the incredible bond between you.


The best age for you (mum!)

Sometimes, mums, especially first-time ones, find it all very overwhelming in the early days. Planning your newborn photo shoot before your baby arrives can really help with this, as you know exactly what to expect, and don’t have to panic about arranging your session in between getting to grips with breastfeeding and learning how to do everything with one hand!

That said, if you’ve booked your space in my diary in advance but need more time to get used to this amazing creature you’ve just met there’s no pressure to rush around. Like everything with a new baby, we go at your pace and find what works for you and your needs.

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