Family portraits were never so important

No matter what your life looks or feels like today, having family portraits made has been never more important.

Tomorrow will turn into next week, next month, next year, and if you delay booking your session the one thing that’s certain is that everyone in your family will be older. Your baby’s smile will now be more teeth than gums, your once-wobbly toddler now steady on her feet and your pre-schooler ready to be fitted for his first school uniform.

Whatever stage of parenthood you are at, there is no better time to start capturing memories of your very special tribe.

Life keeps moving and if you don’t stop to take notice, it will pass you by.

Will your children really care that you ‘needed’ to lose half a stone before booking your family portrait session?

What price can you put on being able to relive fantastic family memories just by glancing each day at the stunning portraits adorning your wall?

And are you really so busy that you can’t carve out one morning to spend time having fun together while I capture your family dynamic just as it is?

My goal as a photographer has always been to create beautiful portraits of your family to turn into stunning art pieces for your home. Being in the moment and appearing in photographs with your children is the most wonderful way to show them how much you love and care for them and will give them the ability to step back in time and relive precious childhood memories for generations to come.

And seeing images of themselves proudly displayed on your walls as they grow up is known to boost children’s self esteem.

My family portrait sessions are designed around you to reflect your lifestyle and how you like to spend your free time.

Do you enjoy country walks in the woods, dodging the muddy puddles (or actually jumping in them!) and not caring about the rain? Or is a trip to the playground – spinning on the roundabout until you’re dizzy – the perfect antidote to a busy working week? Does baking cakes and making a dust-cloud of flour in the kitchen sound like the perfect family activity to you? Would a day trip to London to see the sights be your first choice when you all have a free day?

At your pre-session consultation, we will talk about exactly what family down-time looks like to you, plan where to display your portraits and book in the best time for us all to meet for your session. What are you waiting for?

Don’t miss your chance to capture this moment in time! Call me today for a chat or contact me to book your complimentary consultation now.

I only have availability on selected dates throughout the year so spaces in my diary fill up quickly.

If you love the beautiful blooms of summer, my special limited availability lavender sessions are perfect for children and families. Taking place on select dates in July and August, you can turn a fun family photo session into a fabulous day out.

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