Newborn Baby Portraits

I’m guessing you’re here because you’re expecting your first baby. You’ve survived the tricky first trimester, passed the morning sickness stage (hopefully!), had your 20-week scan, and are finally allowing yourself to get excited about the prospect of meeting your baby and starting a family.

Pregnancy is the most wonderful time, but it’s also filled with nervousness and anxiety; about what to buy; how to prepare for labour; fears that you won’t cope with the pain of childbirth; the changes your body is undergoing; all those delightful side effects of carrying a baby; and the fact your feet are so swollen they no longer fit in your favourite heels. Will you ever wear them – or underwired bras – again?

No-one can tell you what motherhood holds for you, and now you’ve got to decide who to trust to capture beautiful photographs of your baby?

But you needn’t worry.

As a specialist newborn and baby photographer, I’m here to help you celebrate the amazing gift of new life. Bringing a baby into the world is the most amazing experience and I am truly honoured to create your family’s lasting mementoes of this precious and fleeting time.

I photograph newborns in the very first weeks of life to create images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Here are my favourite portraits of some of the beautiful babies I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph in my studio. I hope you enjoy them

Capture a moment in time – Now and forever


Now you’ve seen my work, and imagined how beautiful your own baby’s newborn portraits could be, you probably want to know more about who will be handling your precious bundle. I would love to welcome you to my studio in Isleworth, South West London, so please pop over to my About Page and say hello!