Your Images – Your Walls – The Perfect Size

See for yourself, before you invest

You don’t need to imagine how beautiful the images from your portrait session will be when displayed in your home. You can see for yourself before you choose to invest in a fine art piece to hang proudly on your wall.

Simply send me a picture of your room and at your design appointment I’ll show you exactly what your favourite photographs will look like in your chosen frame or wall art product.


The magic happens at the viewing and ordering appointment after your newborn, baby or family portrait session. Using specialist software, I’ll show you the options and give my expert opinion on what products best meet your needs.

All you have to do is pick the perfect size.

Picture the images from your portrait session at the perfect size on your wall

Here’s what I need:

1. Tape a piece of paper to the wall

Simply take an A4 sheet of paper and tape it to the wall where you dream of hanging your images. This could be in your hallway or an alcove, a living room wall, above your bed or over a mantelpiece. You can tape the paper vertically or horizontally, just try to make it as straight as possible.

wall photo guide step 1

2. Step back

Ensuring the room is well lit, step back about 12-15 feet. If your room isn’t big enough for that, just step back as far as you can.

wall photo guide step 2

3. Take a photo

Stand facing the wall and take the picture as straight-on as possible. Try to include furniture, a window or doorway in the photo to give you something familiar to relate to for size reference.

Want to try multiple rooms? Simply repeat the first three steps until you’ve photographed all the walls where you might wish to display your images. If you’re not sure, take a picture anyway.

wall photo guide step 3

4. Email it to Victoria Rowe Photography

Once you’ve finished photographing your walls, simply email your photos over to me at

wall photo guide step 5


You’ll soon see how great your portraits will look in your home!

This custom design service is included in the fee you pay to book your session with Victoria Rowe Photography

Come back on Fine Art Fridays for inspirational weekly blog posts, showcasing fantastic wall displays I’ve designed for clients. There are endless ways to display your images. The only limit is your imagination.