It’s been so busy here at Victoria Rowe Photography HQ I’ve not got round to sharing news about my latest award-winning baby photography.

After entering the Guild of Photographers’ ‘Image of the Month’ competition again, I’ve now doubled my tally of awards.

I selected portraits from a newborn and a sitting baby session to be judged in the March contest. Both featured incredibly cute babies, but choosing which to enter was tough as the judging criteria is so strict. To be award-winning, your work has to show technical expertise and creativity. Cute alone doesn’t cut it, so I was thrilled to learn I’d been awarded two more prestigious Bronze Bars when I finally checked the results.

Award-winning Sitting Baby Session

This gorgeous image of six-month-old Sam, from Hampton, was taken during a sitting baby session. He first came to my studio in Isleworth for newborn portraits when he was just six days old. So it was lovely to welcome him back, because this stage is my absolute favourite to photograph. Your baby is full of smiles and able to sit up unaided, but – crucially – not crawling away just yet!

We have lots of fun getting your baby to laugh, playing with toys and seeing what funny facial expressions your baby pulls between all the giggles.

Sitter session babies usually take place between six and 10 months, though it can be later. It’s best to wait until babies are truly ready or they will slump over and get grumpy, and no-one wants photographs of that!

Instead I am looking to create stunning portraits from this wonderful phase in your baby’s development. It will soon become a distant memory and who wouldn’t want this gorgeous image up on their wall?

Award-winning baby photography

Styled Newborn Photography

The second award came from a newborn portrait session with two-week-old William. He was a delight to photograph and the first newborn in ages not to poo on any of my blankets – or me! Believe me when I tell you that’s unusual. Getting pooed and weed on is very much part of the job!

The winning bronze image was from a really simple set-up that complemented his lovely skin tone. I love the styling so much, I’ve turned my favourite into a beautiful box frame sample for the studio. At 30×20 inches, it’s the perfect size to go above a fireplace, a baby’s cot or in the living room.

Bronze award winner in the Guild of Photographers' Image of the Month competition for newborn photography

I love watching babies grow during their first year and it never fails to amaze me how quickly they change. If you’ve missed the window for a newborn session, there’s still time for me to capture beautiful baby portraits for you that you’ll treasure forever. Late is definitely better than never!

Get in touch today to book your complimentary pre-session consultation and together we can build the perfect portrait session for you.

You can view my profile at the Guild of Photographers here.