When you’re expecting a baby, there are so many things to research, plan for and buy that it really pays to be organised, especially when it comes to a newborn photo shoot.

With midwife appointments to attend, the nursery to decorate, baby equipment to shop for and ante-natal classes to fit in, it can be hard to think past anything else beyond labour and childbirth.

But too often parents-to-be don’t give any thought to professional portraits until after baby has arrived and realise too late that the window of opportunity has passed.  Don’t let that happen to you!

True newborn sessions ideally need to take place just six to 10 days after your baby is born when your newborn is still sleepy and curls up just like in the womb! Booking your newborn photographer while you’re still pregnant is a great way to guarantee you won’t miss out on the chance of those classic sleepy baby poses AND tick a big thing off your to-do list.

I appreciate that mums-to-be may be nervous about planning too far in advance – even fearing they might jinx the pregnancy – but here are my top 3 reasons for booking your newborn photo shoot early.

 1. Less stressful for you

The precious first weeks with your new baby will pass by in a flash. You will quickly forget just how tiny her little hands and feet were, or how small she was in your arms. Within that first month your baby will grow rapidly, become more alert, and change more than you can possibly imagine.

Having newborn portraits taken allows you to stop time and keep those memories forever. I understand that the mere idea of leaving the house can be a daunting prospect for new parents, but if you’ve booked in advance you’ll know exactly what to expect and I’ll also help you to prepare so the experience is as easy and stress-free as possible. You really don’t want to be arranging everything when you’ve got a new baby to care for!

2. Guarantee your slot

As a specialist newborn photographer, I only book a handful of newborn photo shoots at my studio in Isleworth each month and juggle my diary based on when your baby arrives. Once these slots are filled I don’t take any more advance bookings. This ensures I can fit your session in during those crucial first 10 days after your baby is born and give you the very best service during this magical time in your lives. No-one wants to wait weeks to see the portraits of their beautiful new baby for the first time!

Enquiring with me well before the 30-week mark makes it far more likely that I will have availability, but be warned: if you’re due in September, that is always a busy month because all those festive babies start making an appearance!

3. Customise your newborn photo shoot so it’s personal to you

Another huge advantage to booking your newborn portrait session early is that it allows us plenty of time for the really fun stuff. While clients like you book me for my style of posed newborn photography, each session is custom designed to suit your home décor and your taste.

We do lots of planning at your pre-session consultation when you can pick out the colours and textures you are most drawn to. Of course, you always have access to all my props, wraps, accessories, blankets and backdrops at your session, but when you book well in advance we can work together to design something unique to you and your baby.

That might mean ordering in a cute little headband in your favourite colour or a custom-knitted garment to put baby in, incorporating a treasured personal item into your session, or it might simply give you time to find the perfect outfit to wear when you’re photographed with your new baby.

But what if my baby has already arrived?

Firstly, congratulations on your new baby! You are in for the most wonderful ride.

But if you’re worried you’re too late for a newborn photo shoot, don’t be. Depending on when my pre-booked babies decide to arrive (and there’s no way of predicting that for certain!), it may be possible for me to fit you in now. Just get in touch today to see if I have availability and I will do my best to help!

And even if you’re already outside the first 10 days all is not lost. In fact newborn photo shoots can still take place when your baby is up to a month old or more. The important thing is these wonderful moments are captured for you forever, whether your baby is asleep or wide awake. Now is better than never!