My Story… and why we should print our precious baby photos


My Story…and why we should print our precious baby photos

I’m going to let you in to a little secret about why I do what I do. Confession time: I screwed up!

A few years ago, long before I started my business, I had one of those gut-wrenching moments that makes you feel sick to the very pit of your stomach.

My computer’s hard drive inexplicably went belly-up and so did my backup, taking with it every precious baby photo I’d taken during my eldest daughter Caitlyn’s first year.

Being a new mum, with a million-and-one things to do, I hadn’t yet got round to making prints of all my favourites.

Suddenly I didn’t have those treasured images of her tiny toes, her first smiles, all those goofy faces and precious cuddles with daddy. Even the celebrations to mark her first birthday were gone.

I was totally devastated but for me it reinforced the value of having real photographs that you can look at and hold and enjoy every day – now and for decades to come.

After a lot of stress and tears and a huge learning curve, I was fortunately able to recover some – but not all – of the images I’d lost.

But the hard lesson I learned guides everything that I do here at Victoria Rowe Photography today.

When you book a custom newborn photography experience with me, I won’t simply capture beautiful images of your sweet little bundle and then leave you to ponder over what to do with them.

Your life changes forever when you become a parent. Whether it is a beautiful wall display for your home or a custom-designed heirloom album of those baby photos, it is my honour to help you find the perfect way to mark this monumental occasion. What I do preserves valuable memories for a lifetime and you can be sure you are investing in something beautiful that you can pass down through the generations.

But until I have delivered your archive-quality products directly to you, you can be absolutely sure that all of the images from your session will be safely stored and backed up multiple times so there is no risk of losing them in the painful way that I experienced.

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